KEN HU / Deputy Chairman of Huawei

Huawei & the Tech Revolution

Last year Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple, reporting over $100 billion in revenue and cementing its position as the world's largest provider of information and communications technology. But Huawei's success has not come without struggle.

Huawei & the Technology Revolution


In this unique gathering of top business leaders in Zurich, we ask Huawei's Deputy Chairman, Mr. Ken Hu, to shed light on the social and economic impact of today’s technology revolution. Ken will speak about digital technologies such as 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence and cloud, exploring their social impact and how organizations can better leverage them to grow and prosper. In the discussion that follows, we will ask him to elaborate on how Huawei is adapting its strategy to accommodate today’s rapidly changing geopolitical landscape.

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Ken Hu

Deputy Chairman of Huawei

Ken Hu is the Deputy Chairman of Huawei's Board of Directors, and member of the Executive Management Team. With nearly 30 years of telecoms experience, Ken helps set the strategic direction of the company and has been instrumental to Huawei's growth in global markets. Since 2011, Ken Hu acts as Chairman of Huawei Global Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Committee (GSPC), which is the overall governance organization of Huawei group’s practice on security and privacy.